A young Bernard Titowsky outside his book shop with daughter, Barbara, some time during the early 1950's.   Click here to return to the home page.
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Bernard Titowsky's Austin Book Shop
"But the 66 year old Titowsky has not prospered since 1954 merely by being nice.  He is equal parts teddy bear and entrepreneur.  He has developed extensive catalogues in American history, literature and immigrant culture, which, in turn, has led to a thriving mail-order business.  Libraries around the world look to him for books relating the tales of emigrants."
Stuart Miller, "Bob Feller, Was He a Pitcher? - The Austin Book Shop will answer this and other petinent questions about the game", Gentlemen's Quarterly, p. 40 (June 1991).

[Photograph courtesy of Barbara Titowsky Krysko.]